BBQ Pork Steak

This is my absolute favorite thing to barbecue. Not everyone is familiar with Pork Shoulder Blade Steaks and grilling them. Growing up in St. Louis it was very common to see them in the stores and to have them as dinner in the Spring and Summer when it was nice outside for grilling. Pork Steaks are to St.Louis as Beef Brisket is to Texas.

I have a couple of favorite seasonings that I like to use on my Pork Steaks. I am partial to Pork Rub and Rib Rub from Bolner’s Fiesta Products out of San Antonio, Texas. These two as well as their full line of spices are commonly seen in local grocery stores all over Texas, as well as Southeast Oklahoma. The other special seasoning is Alpine Touch All-Purpose Seasoning from Choteau, Montana. I got turned on to this stuff by a friend a few years ago and use it religiously on just about everything. I will add links to the products in my links section.

Prepped Pork Steaks

Ready for the grill!

I decided to grill these on the Weber Q-200 instead of using the trusty old Weber Kettle.  When I use the Q, before lighting, I will lift the grate and drop a chunk of Mesquite wood on top of one corner of the burner.  I light the grill and leave it on high for about 5 minutes to warm up.  Then I will come back with a grill brush and lightly brush off the crusties from my last cookout.

I place the pork steaks on the grill, wait a minute and give them a little sear.   This is the start of a roughly 40 minute process.  I will then flip them onto a hot part of the grill and do the same thing again.  This will give them some pretty grill marks.  Since we are saucing these guys at the end, it is not necessary but they do make for nice photos.  Now is the time to turn the grill down to medium low and give these steaks some love.

Mmmmm Mmmmm Good

Grilling Pork Steaks

I have a stopwatch watch and set it when I first put these on.  After the searing is done I will continue to flip these, walking the grill (flipping them to a hot spot each time), every five minutes until 35 minutes has passed.  If your fire is too hot, they will char and/or burn.  Low and slow is the key to success here!

After 35 minutes it is time for the sauce!  I will glaze the sauce by applying it, then flipping the meat and lightly cooking the sauce until it sets up.  I call this glazing the sauce.  I have not received any complaints about the way I do this.  One of my favorite sauces to use is Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit BBQ Sauce.  If I have some available another favorite sauce is Maull’s BBQ Sauce from St. Louis.  After about 10 minutes of saucing and flipping they should be just about ready to come off the grill.

How Pork Steaks are done!

This right here, is good eating!

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